Just starting out in Real Estate Investing? Do you have a property
to sell or looking for an investment property to buy? Whether you
are new or experienced the Madison County Real Estate
Investors Association
can help you learn more, make more,
and have more fun doing it!

Are you looking for professional real estate investors who buy and sell residential properties at wholesale prices to qualified investors?

It is the mission of Landmark Property Investments to provide solid Real estate investment deals to Investors so that they can purchase property that best meets their needs with the assurance that they will receive the highest return on their investment.

Are you looking for a cost-effective virtual assistant? 123Employee opened for business in February of 2003 with ten employees. Today 123Employee is one of the leaders in overseas outsourcing. 123Employee employs a staff of over three hundred sharp, innovative, marketing and support agents to help you meet your objectives while maintaining you company’s bottom line. The key to 123?s success is an incomparable training program for its agents and a simple easy to use system for its clients.

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with Better Data!

The Most Important component of any real estate business is the comparable data needed to analyze the deal. Without it, a “Short Sale” is a “Lost Sale”, a “Pre-Foreclosure” gets “Foreclosed”, and the same for “Subject To Deals”, “HUD Properties”, etc. Never lose another deal or leave tens of thousands of $$$ on the closing table again.

Whether it’s a total voice mail system for your company, live operator service, VoIP phone service, data solutions, telephones, or anything in between, we can help! Some of our products include the following:

o VoIP Phone Service – If you need business or residential VoIP telephone lines, we’ve got your answers. We pride ourselves in keeping you at the forefront of technology including providing VoIP service, VoIP telephones, and VoIP adaptors to meet any of your business or residential needs.

o Software Based Voicemail Service – If you’re ready for top of the line unified voice-messaging service; we’re here for you! Standard features include notification of new messages, press zero to be reached at another number, music on hold, caller ID, call capture, and virtual offices for every subscriber.

o Live Answering Service – Need that personal touch? Let VoiceConnect show you how! If it’s as simple as general answering up to full order taking and payment gateways, we can get the job done!

o Data Solutions – In today’s world of high-speed data and networks, you have to keep up or get left behind. If you just need basic DSL or a complete T-1 or dedicated linking package among offices, we can show you how.

o Telephones – Everyone’s got to have them! If it’s a new office or just time for an upgrade, we have access to almost every make and model.

Get detailed Investment Property Report, Comps and FE-Score for any address in the US!

Rehab Valuator Lite software is a simple, FREE real estate investment analysis and property marketing software program for the wholesaler, rehabber and real estate investor – to save you time, put an end to overwhelming number-crunching, and make you a lot more money!

Looking for great quality leads for buying or selling a home? Property Leads Now…now ZBuyer, can help you out! Scroll through the immense records in thier database for thousands of possible property leads!

Here are a list of sites we always recommend checking out if you need help starting or running your business


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