Boeing, one of Huntsville’s largest employment corporations, has issued a press release about having to send out layoff notices to employees in the missile defense program. Read the entire article here:

What does this mean for you as an investor? We will show you!

Job loss could mean foreclosures, REOs/lender owned properties, and auctions. It is a harsh reality, but take a look at this –

In 2011, BRAC will be finished, but it will be far from over (Kenneth Kesner of the Huntsville Times). Joe Ritch, chairman of the Tennessee Valley BRAC Committee, also states that the deadline for completion of BRAC is September of this year; however, for years afterward, defense and aerospace companies are expected to expand or locate in the area. This is going to create another 5,000 jobs to support the workload on the arsenal, and an additional 9,000 indirect jobs are also expected such as hospitals, restaurants, and schools to help support the growing community.

Redstone Arsenal Garrison Commander Col. John Hamilton also says that “BRAC is on schedule to end in September as required by law; however, it is important for everyone to realize BRAC is only a portion of the larger growth story for Redstone Arsenal and the surrounding communities.” Read the entire story here!

The year to invest in the Huntsville and Madison area is now! Families and businesses are slowly making their way into the Madison County areas. As the population rises, the chances of property values will rise as well.

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