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Brand new for 2011 is the Automated Wholesaling System! It is time for the next evolution in wholesaling. It is time for new methods, new processes and new technologies. It is time for even more real estate investors to make more money, with less work, in today’s economy. It’s the first system in the world to built with Next Step Intelligence.


Did you miss the A.R.E.S. Academy bootcamps when it was available? Did you miss out on a day of the awesome content Zack and his elite crew were giving out? GOOD NEWS! They captured all of the bootcamp and stuffed it into a box! So sit back in front of the tube and re-live the event of a lifetime over and over again!


Want a quick and easy way to learn the fundamentals of wholesaling? Then the Quickstart Wholesaling System is for you! It’s jam packed full of easy to learn training materials to teach you the basics of wholesaling. This 8 module, easy to follow, video training course offers a complete plan for wholesaling your way to financial freedom! But before you think this is just another video training course, Zack has padded this training system out with documents, spreadsheets, easy to follow call scripts, and marketing templates that are aimed at getting you started in the art of wholesaling real estate!


This valuable piece of technology allows even the most novice real estate investor to effortlessly initial real estate proposals in seconds! The Automated Deal Maker’s advanced processing system allows real estate investors to take control of their business by allowing its owners to operate from anywhere in the world! It allows and enables you to work smart…not hard!


Always preferring to live on the cutting edge, Zack was one of the early adopters of social media branding and after branding himself and his company, Zack decided to teach his students the same methods he pioneered and used to control his organic space online! But wait – he also has made sure that it is as easy as possible for his students. Social Branding Optimization doesn’t just teach you how to use social media – all of the work is done for you! With “done for you” Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, individuals can now post to all social media outlets in one quick click. Zack has, once again, removed the complicated parts of dominating a powerful marketing tool.

It’s Time To Get Socially Branded!


The secret strategies on how to make a fortune in the Short Sale business without making a $10,000 mistake. This easy to follow step by step ebook will help you cut through the weeds to getting your first short sale done today. I have laid out 12 steps that all investors need to know about short sales and how to make them work. All you have to do is follow the process.

REI Success Training

Zack has put together this amazing series that will take you through
intense Real Estate Investing training that will reveal how several
investors are crushing it out in the market today!


This training will teach you how to use the feed of several sites to
grow a list of leads for your real estate investing without paying a


Previously released as a bonus to the amazing Social Branding
Optimization, this training shows how you can drive tremendous amounts
of traffic into your website.


One of the things that you will need more then anything as a Wholesaler is a Buyers list and we have done all the work for you. We have put together this training for you to show you exactly how to go out and build your very on Million dollar buyers list. Just let us show you step by step on how to do it and you will never worry again if you are going to be able to sell that great deal.


Zack has put together this easy to follow step by step intruction booklet so you can train your virtual assistants to help you find motivated sellers.


The fastest way to get from point “A” to point “B” is to have a plan. The fastest way to earn one million dollars or more in real estate investing is to have a plan. You’ve got to plan your marketing, plan your purchasing, plan your renovation work, and plan your resale, plan, plan, plan…. So, don’t get caught with paints down and lose your saving trying to figure out this real estate business. Just read this special report and it will help you get a very clear understanding of what you need to do.