Mastermind Day was a great success!

The first Mastermind Day for our coaching students was held on March 16, 2011 in Atlanta, GA. We were able to sit down with Trish Williams who was in the room during this great closed door event and this is what she had to say–

“First off, to try and put into words and express the emotion, intensity and shear amount of information that was shared and came out in the Mastermind Day is hard to do. We had an amazing open table and open forum dialogue. Students were able to discuss details about themselves and their business with the group to get productive criticism and points from not Zack alone but also participants. I am unable to disclose details shared in the room because we all agreed that ‘what was shared in the room, stays in the room’, it was closed door and open forum. What I can say is this, to be able to feel that safe and secure to share those intimate details in that room with everyone speaks not just highly of Zack but also to the caliber of students that we have. Many people that I spoke to told me that not only was that 1 day intense, RAW and effective but the brutal honesty was so that everyone benefited from it. Everyone said that they can’t wait for the next one. The small, select group setting offered an outstanding learning experience no matter what level you and your business are at. Everyone was able to leave with knowledge and a plan to bring their business, whatever their business was, to the next level. If I had to put the entire day into only one word, it would have to be ‘FIERCE’! ” – Trish Williams

Well, what more can we possibly say other than this … if you missed this Mastermind Day with Zack, we strongly recommend you get to the next one!


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