Homewood is Alabama’s most walkable city

From: Birmingham Business Journal

Homewood is the state’s most walkable city, according to Walk Score‘s 2011 rankings of the nation’s most walkable cities.

The Over-the-Mountain city with its Soho Square development and pedestrian-friendly downtown area had a Walk Score of 53. That classified Homewood as a “somewhat walkable” city.

Birmingham, Selma and Florence were the state’s next most walkable cities. Each had a Walk Score of 40. All of those cities ranked in the upper “car-dependent” category, which means there are a few amenities within walking distance.

The rankings are based on proximity to nearby amenities.

The Magic City did have a higher Walk Score than Charlotte, Louisville, Kansas City, Memphis and Nashville.

New York, Boston and Philadelphia scored the highest among major cities.

You can click here to view the full rankings.


Why is this a good thing for investors?

Well, with the expansion of interest in lower costs and living expenses and with the wave of live green acts; it is good to look at places that will have appeal for things that don’t require so much of a commute. A walkable city is near a walkable city is definitely a plus for an investor. You may also want to look at cities that have plans to expand or improve their downtown areas within the next few years. Real estate around these cities will increase once the improvements of the area have taken effect, such as Huntsville.

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