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Zack has mentioned it plenty of times. You don’t have to join EVERY social network. A lot of people confuse social branding with the social network takeover scheme. You don’t need 50 dozen social networks.

What’s wrong with doing the takeover? It turns into an insane juggling act which burns you out on branding. If you focus your attention on the major networks (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn, and YouTube) you can focus on your branding strategies and never get burned out.

If you find yourself still juggling, back it down to the top three (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube). One way to keep yourself from burning out is using tools that will help post things automatically or on a timed basis. Right now, this can only be done in Twitter.

FutureTweets and HootSuite are great for this, and the best part is they’re free.


Updates on SBO – IFRAMES

If you’re looking for good news when it comes to Social Branding Optimization, then stop no further! We’ve pulled out all the stops now and have started creating landing pages inside Facebook by harnessing the power of IFRAME technology. This is great news because this combines two marketing strategies.

We all know the numbers. Almost everyone is on these powerful social networks, but there just isn’t a way to capture information from the internet masses. Everyone has seen a landing page at least once in their lives as well, but there just isn’t a way to really spread that landing page around. Until now! Now we can use IFRAMES inside Facebook to create a landing page with an opt-in box. And the best thing? It’s also done for you. All you need to do is follow a few easy-to-follow steps to give me the AWEBER information and I build it out for you along with your social network pages!


– Social Branding Optimization Team

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